Subaru GC8 Impreza Rockin the Status Ring Seats

The old school Subaru GC8 Impreza has always been a soft spot in my head garage.  The styling of that car is so straight to the point and screams rally.  Whenever I see this car, a flash of Colin McRae WRC car jumping pops in my head.  Alex just hooked up his Subaru with a set of the Status Racing Ring seats and sent us these pics.  As you can see, the seats are the smallest of his upgrades!  FMIC and gold STI Brembo’s tells me there must be a 2.5L and 6spd in this car!  These are some basic shots but without all the crazy flash and rigs, its still hot!  Stay tuned for more pics on our Gallery Here.

Hyundai Genesis Rockin Kevlar Alcantara Status Ring Seats

This Hyundai Genesis was recently equipped with some Alcantara Kevlar Ring Seats with red stitching.  Sporting some flush Volk CE28N Genesis wheels, this car has all the right trims.  In an always competitive class, the car took home 3rd place for...

APR Motorsports New Audi S4 B8 Rockin Status Seats

If you weren't aware or had your head buried in some right to left JDM reading, APR Motorsports is where it is at for VAG performance parts.  To prove the quality of their products on all popular VW and Audi cars, APR entered professional racing and...

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