Status Gets Dirty at the San Felipe 250


We wrote about a guy who was using our Status Racing Harnesses in the Mint 400 race the other day. We mentioned in that blog that it would be cool to see our seats in the off-road market. A couple days ago we got this email from one of our customers. He will be running his UTV in the Baja 500 in June. He needed a set of seats that could go as hard as his buggy does. These Ring GT-X ultra suede seats with FRP backing are just what this off-road junkie needs to… READ MORE

Status Represents at Back-to-Back Events


This past weekend was an awesome experience. We met so many people from all different backgrounds and were able to show them the Status brand and why it is different than other seat brands out there. Some people we spoke with were unfamiliar with the industry but thought that the idea of buying a whole new set of seats was kind of crazy. Then we talked with other people who had heard of the brand but had never seen the product in person. Across the board, we were excited to get the Status brand in front… READ MORE

Officer Dan Headed to Formula D in LB with Sexy Ring GT-X Seats


At the beginning of this month we announced our partnership with the zany, Officer Dan (aka Dan Brockett). As previously mentioned he will be running Status Racing seats in the Drift 4 video and his up coming events in the Formula Drift series.

We have been working with Dan and his team on the details of the partnership for a while now, but once it was a go, we had to rush his seats to get done in time for Long Beach next weekend. Another great reason why it rocks to have seats made in america, you can have a customizedREAD MORE

Come Visit Us this Saturday


This Saturday is going to be a busy day for Status Racing we have two local events that we are going to be setting up at. We will be starting out at an even our sister company Vivid Racing is hosting with Xtreme Xperience out at Firebird Raceway (aka Bonurant). They are hosting a car meet with the opportunity to track some of Xtreme Xperience’s supercars. Some of the supercar line up that you could track will be,

  • C7 Stingray
  • Lamborghini Lp560
  • Ferrari F430 Scuderia
  • Ferrari 458 Italia
  • 911 Turbo
  • GT-R

If you don’t want to track… READ MORE

Murica Motorsports Open House


We are excited to be teaming up with one of our local dealers for their open house. Murica Motorsports that is becoming a household name in the Phoenix area, and being an American Made seat company, we couldn’t help but team up with a place called Murica Motorsports. Specializing in Honda and Nissan parts they pride themselves on their grassroots and personalized approach.

Join us the evening of March 29th for Murica’s Motorsport’s open house. If you feel like spending the whole day with us you can come to the Vivid Racing Meet Up that morning at Bondurant Raceway.

Status Racing Teams Up with Officer Dan and the HPPD


We are proud to announce our partnership with the infamous Officer Dan of the HPPD. If you’re never heard of Officer Dan, then we’re going to assume you don’t spend that much time on YouTube. The first “Drift Battle” Video was released by Icon Motorsports in 2011. It was a sexy 93 Rx7 pushing out 375 horsepower, racing a 05 Kawasaki ZX-10 with 175 hp and an extended swingarm. It was an awesome video with tons of tire shredding and sideways slow-mo’s. It racked up a couple million views within the first couple months of being out. After the… READ MORE

Status Joins the Sellout Crew


We met the Sellouts crew when they came to our headquarters in Arizona. They were working with our sister company Vivid Racing on getting some Status Racing Ring GT-X seats in his RX7. After talking to him he brought up that he was starting to do meet ups in the Phoenix area. Although things didn’t quite go as planned on our end. We were pumped to see cars out in the local area reppin’ Status.

Here’s some pictures and videos from the event. Check out Sellouts here and if you’re in the Phoenix area check out our FacebookREAD MORE

2014 STi Hatchback with Varis Widebody Kit and Status Seats

14 - Front

Christmas came early with this customer’s car. He has a super wide, super sexy 2011 Subaru Sti hatchback. The inside has an aggressive color scheme with black and red accents, while the outside is a sophisticated white with gold and carbon accents. What better way to make your interior as custom as your exterior, but with a set of custom seats that match you interior exactly?

The car is getting a lot of attention not only because the way it looks but more about what brand made it look that way. This subie lover is rocking the highly… READ MORE

It’s all about the Seats


We wrote a blog back in October about a drool-worthy S2000. We wanted to update the blog a little with close up shots of the seats. The S2000 itself is enough to get attention, which it has. This car was at SEMA, on Import Addicts and Stance Nation to name a few. It’s Stance Nation we have to thank for the close up shot of the seats. This S2000 is adorning out Status Racing Spa Seats with carbon fiber backing, red and black ultrasuede, topped off with, black diamond stitching. They are beautiful! Because… READ MORE

The Intimidating Black Stallion


We found these awesome pictures of this this mean looking M3 when we were browsing on Stance Nation. This M3′s so brutal, even just going down the road, cars move out of the way. This M3 exudes dominance. The all black color with the red accents makes it look so fierce. So what do you do when you have a custom car and want to add that last, show winning touch? You get some custom seats to deck out your interior and top off the well-rounded look of the car. This customer went with the all black ultrasuede READ MORE