FIA Approved

FIA approval is what signifies the difference between a quality safety seat and a generic product. Status Racing wanted to ensure that the drivers sitting in select Status products felt safe, so our engineering team went for the best certification you could get. On May 15, 2009, the Status Racing Ring (aka Laguna) seat in FRP was granted FIA approval in accordance to FIA 8855-1999 standard. Our racing harness kits were also approved in accordance with FIA 8853/98 standards. Below we have attached testing videos of our products. If you need any additional documentation, please contact our customer service department.

FIA Approved: Status Ring FRP (May 2009) and Ring Kevlar (May 2007) Seats, Status Racing Harness 5pt and 6pt kits ONLY.

You can view our FIA documents here

Status Ring FIA Paperwork

Status FIA Approval Paperwork



Comments (5)

  1. 7:16 pm, February 17, 2013Jim  / Reply

    Hey do you know if your ring gt will ever get fia approval? Or do you have any other seat that may get fia approval soon??

    • 11:36 am, March 13, 2013vrbrooke  / Reply

      Hey Jim,
      we are in the FIA approval process. We will let you know more when things are solidified. Check back for updates as well.

  2. 3:18 am, June 22, 2013SAM  / Reply

    Is your status racing standard bucket have an FIA stamp on the seat?
    Can I use it for rallying.?

    • 3:49 pm, July 9, 2013vrbrooke  / Reply

      The Status Ring Seat with FRP backing is FIA approved. We also just got our Status Ring GT-X approved with the carbon fiber backing. Let us know if that helps, you can also email for other questions.

      Thanks for the comment!

  3. 4:18 pm, November 6, 2013Heather  / Reply

    Thanks for applying some time to publish “FIA Approved”.

    Thank you again ,Deandre

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