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Attention all Texan Tuners

If you are near Temple Texas, you are one of the lucky ones! STATUS Racing works with a small dealer network both around the US and internationally. Tuner Ready Motorsports is one of our main distributors located in central Texas and serving not only in the United States but internationally. Here at STATUS, we are confident that when we send a customer their way, Tuner Ready will handle them with the utmost respect and in a professional manner. Many people who buy our seats want to see them in person or test fit the different sizes—visiting Tuner Ready’s showroom, you can see several different models, sizes, and colors! STATUS Seats are in such high demand however, you should call ahead of time if there is a specific seat you would like to see a demo of.

Tuner Ready Motorsports is capable of outfitting you ride from STATUS Seats, to air fresheners, to suspension or performance upgrades—anything you need, they have it! But the best part of Tuner Ready are the highly knowledgeable staff who have been in the industry turning wrenches since they had their first car. They are passionate about the industry, about cars, and about taking care of their customers. If you check out their Facebook Page (Tuner Ready Motorsports) or their Facebook Group (GOONSQUAD), you will see that they have a ton of customer who are huge STATUS Racing fans. For all of our STATUS Racing fans stationed at Fort Hood, Tuner Ready is only a 15 minute drive. Stop in, shop around and see what Tuner Ready can do for your ride.

If you are looking for the best price on a set of you dream seats, Tuner Ready Motorsports is your friendly neighborhood shop that ships worldwide! Give them a call 254-774-9080. If you’re no where near Temple Texas, but want to find a Status Dealer near you, fill out the form on our Where to Buy section and we will let you know what dealer is located near you! If you’re bored, check out our Status Racing Seat Configurator. You will be able to design and share your custom Status Racing Seat.





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  1. Love the status! I wish I had some for the civic they would be awesome! One day! hopefully Johnny will hook me up when I am ready to buy. Tuner Ready is great we have had them out for events at our shop and they always bring cool stuff that everyone wants to buy 🙂

    Johnny is a great guy and does a great job over there. You need to move to austin 😛

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